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About SaMaa Arts

SaMaa Arts. 

SaMaa Arts LLC is incorporated at san Diego, CA

The idea behind incorporating SaMaa Arts llc is to promote global music and fine arts through performances and education (master classes, lecture-demonstration, workshops) across North America. We aim to promote better cultural interaction and understanding between different communities through musical performances and other fine arts.

SaMaa Arts llc offers to accomplish educating, propagating music and fine arts through collaborating with both performing artists and other sponsoring organizations. Performing artists may be available within USA or be sponsored for a tour for a stipulated time from outside USA when required.


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This apart, we will collaborate with artists, organizations based in North America and other parts of the world to provide a program in any country whenever an opportunity arises.

We strongly believe in being beneficial for a warmer collaboration between our organization in USA and other communities outside the country. SaMaa Arts llc funded purely by revenue from its program activities, and by private donations in support of its programs. It is not program funded by government or by any government agency

What we do ?

We aim to serve the North American community by playing a role in providing a cultural bridge to other culturally profound countries through these activities. SaMaa Arts llc will be working with people from varied realms like - musicologists, musicians, poets, dancers, choreographers, composers, arrangers, teachers, both in North America and other parts of the world in our projects which includes thematic musical and dance productions, special concept performances in North America and beyond.

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